Friday 2 August 2013

Could you cope with equipment turned off after 1/1/2015?

If you have F gases (R22 is the most common), then you cannot use them after
1st January 2015. This is not that far off and you need to identify what equipment you have that includes these and plan/budget what to do. If you leave it until this time next year, it is reasonable to anticipate that air conditioning contractors will be heavily loaded and prices will increase.

It is also reasonable to anticipate that you will have prohibition notices on such equipment if you haven't done anything about this. Could you cope with your presses not running?  You couldn't claim that you had no notice, when there will have been more than 5 year's notice when this comes in.

Strategic Safety Systems have provided a handy reference chart of refrigerants to determine which are F gases. See this on 

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