Friday 23 August 2013

Another example of an unguarded conveyor

A Suffolk firm has been fined for safety failings after a worker suffered serious injuries to his arm when it became trapped in unguarded machinery.
The circumstances were:
  • The accident occurred on  20 September 2012, on an unguarded conveyor for bagging rice.
  • The conveyor had been at the company since 2006.
  • In April 2009, the HSE advised the company to install guards on this part of the machine.
  • The company failed to adequately act on this advice.
  • Attila Czege became trapped and entangled in the conveyor. 
  • His right arm was dragged in and around a large roller at the end of the conveyor, trapping his whole arm.
  • Mr Czege sustained fractures to his upper and lower arm and underwent surgery three times in two weeks to repair the damage. 

Indo European Foods Ltd, was fined £18,500 (inc. costs and victim surcharge). 
The HSE Inspector said:
"The risk presented by this conveyor was evident given the working processes involved on the production line. The dangers associated with conveyors are well known throughout industry and the guarding of dangerous moving parts is a fundamental element of mechanical safety. Conveyors are involved in 30 per cent of all machinery incidents in the food/drink industries and nine out of ten conveyor injuries occur on flat belt conveyors. This incident could have easily been avoided as action to guard the machine adequately was quick and inexpensive. It is disappointing that Indo European Foods Ltd failed to satisfactorily heed the earlier advice of HSE. Instead, Mr Czege suffered a serious and painful injury which resulted in several months off work."

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