Saturday 15 January 2011

Air conditioning checks

If your air-conditioning system has an output of over 12kW, you need to meet certain requirements for inspecting the energy efficiency of your systems. If you have more than one air-conditioning unit within a building they are considered to be a single system.

In England, Northern Ireland and Wales, from 4 January 2011, if your air-conditioning system has an output over 12kW it must be inspected at least every five years. If your system was first put into service on or after 1 January 2008, it must have its first inspection within five years of the date when it was first put into service.

Inspections must be carried out at least every five years by an accredited energy assessor who will assess the efficiency of the system and advise on improvements.

Source: NetRegs

Monday 10 January 2011

INTACT 7.0 released

The integrated action mananagment system, INTACT, is now available as version 7.0.
What we've done is to take 4 sets of requirements developed to meet the requirements of 4 companies and to merge them into the standard version. The new features cover the areas of:
  • Training - advanced listing and team briefing reports
  • Quality assurance - advanced data entry, analysis and reporting
Examples of the additional features are:
  1. With the team briefing, INTACT now gives a listing of all people who have missed a briefing.
  2. With QA, INTACT can now provide rework and scrap tickets, removing the need for duplicate data entry.