Thursday 27 June 2013

CE Marking - when does it apply?

Some people get confused about when the Supply of Machinery Regulations 2008
(the UK enactment of the Machinery Directive 2006) applies.

Reg. 3 states: 

() In these Regulations, subject to paragraph (2)—
(a) references to placing machinery or partly completed machinery on the market are
references to making it available in an EEA state—
(i) for the first time;
(ii) with a view to distribution or use, whether by the person making it available or
another; and
(iii) whether for reward or free of charge.

Translating this into English, it means that it only applies if:
  • You are placing equipment on the market in the EU for the first time, ie it does not apply if you are selling a piece of used equipment. Note that it applies if you are importing even second-hand equipment into the EU for first-time use within the EU
  • It implies that machinery put into use, even within your own company, must conform. Note the terms "distribution or use".

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