Monday 24 March 2014

Fall from 1.5m results in post-concussion syndrome

It doesn't take much height for a fall to cause long term injuries.
In this case, a man fell from 1.5m at a caravan company.
The circumstances were:
  • The man was employed at Roma Caravans in  Silsoe, Bedfordshire.
  • He was working on a makeshift platform, comprising an unsecured woodend plank across a metal frame on 21st February 2012.
  • The platform was inherently unsafe and was unsuitable.
  • He attempted to retrieve his tools but the far end of the plan swung up and hit him.
  • He fell to the floor, banged his head but otherwise appeared to have suffered no other injury. 
  • However, he collapsed two days later and was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome. 
  • He has since suffered from severe headaches and pains to his hip.

Roma Caravans was fined £8,527 (inc. costs) on 17th March 2014.
The HSE Inspector said:
“This incident was entirely avoidable, and illustrates the need for duty holders to ensure work of this nature is carefully planned and managed at all times. By not providing suitable equipment, Roma Caravans put the safety of a worker at risk. Appropriate and stable work platforms should always be used for any work undertaken at height.”

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