Tuesday 12 November 2013

Use of the combined UKAS and certification body logos.

UKAS have some restrictions on how the combined mark can and cannot be used.

The following rules apply:

The combined Mark can be used on:

  • Stationery – Letterheads, compliment slips, labels, invoices. The combined Mark may be used on business cards but must always be legible.
  • Advertising material – Posters, TV advertisements, promotional videos, newsletters, brochures. The combined mark can be used on a client company web-site but should not appear on web-pages which directly promote the client company’s products or services, so as to avoid the suggestion of ‘product certification’.
  • Internal walls and doors.
  • Exhibition stands.

The combined Mark cannot be used on:

  • Products.
  • Publicity information on products – This includes notices, labels, documents or written announcements, affixed to or otherwise appearing on goods or products. This restriction also applies to primary (e.g. blister packs) packaging and promotional products (see below).
  • Vehicles - Except if you have a poster or advert for your organisation in which you include the combined Mark, then you can put that poster (including the combined Mark) on a vehicle.
  • Buildings and flags.
  • Promotional gifts – Mugs, calendars, Christmas cards, paperweights.
  • Test and calibration reports and certificates
There are rules on size and colour of logos, but consult your certification body about this.

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