Monday 7 February 2011

Changes to RIDDOR

The following changes are proposed to RIDDOR:
  • Change reporting threshold from over 3-days to over 7-days
    SSS stance: In favour. This reduces the workload on industry and removes the confusion when 3 days includes a weekend. However, data will be lost and there is the danger that 3 days will be regarded as not serious.
  • Include a requirement to investigate reportable incidents
    SSS stance: In favour. All incidents must be investigated, but this must be to an appropriate level.
  • Include travelling on company business as a work activity
    SSS stance: In favour. Travelling on company business can be a serious source of incidents.
  • Improve the sharing of information from the HSE
    SSS stance: In favour. It's been a long-standing gripe of ours that the HSE do not share all this information that RIDDOR brings in.
SSS has responded to the consultation process.

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